Amerikansk IPA

Amerikansk IPA


5.5 - 7.5 %
1.056 - 1.070
1.008 - 1.01
40 - 70
12 - 28
Fremtredende og ofte intens humlearoma fra fruktige amerikanske humlesorter som f.eks. Cascade, Citra og Amarillo. Ofte tørrhumlet for å få tilført ekstra lukt og aroma.
Medium gylden til rødlig eller ravgul.
Medium til kraftig bitterhet fra humlen. Lukt og aroma fra humle er i fokus, mens maltsmaken ligger som et nøytralt teppe i bakgrunnen.
Medium-lett til medium kropp. Rund.

A decidedly hoppy and bitter, moderately strong American pale ale, showcasing modern American or New World hop varieties. The balance is hop-forward, with a clean fermentation profile, dryish finish, and clean, supporting malt allowing a creative range of hop character to shine through. The term “IPA” is intentionally not spelled out as “India Pale Ale” since none of these beers historically went to India, and many aren’t pale. However, the term IPA has come to be a balance-defined style in modern craft beer. History: The first modern American craft beer example is generally believed to be Anchor Liberty Ale, first brewed in 1975 and using whole Cascade hops; the style has pushed beyond that original beer, which now tastes more like an American Pale Ale in comparison. American-made IPAs from earlier eras were not unknown (particularly the well-regarded Ballantine’s IPA, an oak-aged beer using an old English recipe). This style is based on the modern craft beer examples. Style Comparison: Stronger and more highly hopped than an American Pale Ale. Compared to an English IPA, has less of the “English” character from malt, hops, and yeast (less caramel, bread, and toast; more American/New World hops than English; less yeast-derived esters), less body, and often has a more hoppy balance and is slightly stronger than most examples. Less alcohol than a Double IPA, but with a similar balance.


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